day 1 of 30 days wild: the return of the squirrel

Last night I signed my blog up to  with  to show that being housebound is no barrier to observing, enjoying, and interacting with nature. I find it on the windowsills. I don’t have any specific challenges or projects planned, I’m going to see what happens as I go along. The Facebook group is full of ideas and inspiration already.

Perhaps by the end of June’s 30 wild days I should have got this wordpress layout wrestled into shape.

suspicious squirrel

I didn’t have to go looking for wildlife today; it came looking for me. A long lost squirrel is back in town and remembers exactly how to stand in his most cute position to beg for food. It didn’t work. I wasn’t quite yet up to moving enough to reach the box of emergency nuts. So he pushed my plants off the windowsill one by one, staring at me until I engaged.

Now every time I glance up I see a little face poking around the lettuce, looking in at me, or else there is no face but the lettuce appears to have grown ears and a tail. He’s not eating the rest of the nuts or the porridge, and he doesn’t want to come in. It seems he just wants to relax on the window ledge. That’s my level of socialising too.

Yesterday the only things coming through the open window were sunbeams and a seemingly endless procession of lost white-tailed bumble bees. Here is ‘self-portrait toes and sunshine’:

self portrait with sunny toes.JPG

Looks like I need a window-cleaning squirrel as well.


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